The celiac plexus and the emotions

Very often the first emotional response of the body passes through the celiac plexus to the gallbladder or stomach.

For example, when you hear bad news like "your car was stolen", the gall bladder comes instantly in a state of spasm and you feel the reduction in the upper abdomen. This spasm is usually not dangerous for the body; on the contrary, it tells the brain how to get rid of some emotional tension.

However, a sustained or chronic nature of the process can cause feedback effects on the body.

The celiac plexus is sometimes called the "abdominal brain" because it regulates all internal organs.

Trauma to the plexus can provoke fainting and, rarely, death.

Irritation plexus after peritonitis or mechanical inflammation can lead to heart, respiratory, digestive, renal or napochechnikova issues. published

Author: Jean-Pierre Barral



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