On the run

8 bits - it 1bayt and 9 bits - a crowd of skinheads

He came home after a corporate party ... Paul joyfully rushed on my chest ...

I called dreams, adventure, great things! But the sofa screaming the loudest

Three layers of fat above the level of press

Even if you find yourself in the ass - there's always the old-timers, and you meet will tell you how to behave.

I went for a morning jog, but came back after 2 minutes because something zabyla.Ya forgot that I fat and I can not run more than two minutes

Cashed the Nobel Prize ...

I do not fall. And the attack floor

In life there is only one white stripe, toilet paper :)

There was a strong wind that cigarettes wrenched with his teeth.

This rush - this is when the cocoa and shave simultaneously.

If Dad avrets and Tatar mother, the child - Avatar?

Mom, I'm a princess? Son, you moron


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