16-year-old schoolgirl developed the superpolimer to combat drought

Schoolgirl from South Africa has created a superabsorbent polymer made from orange peels and peel avocado. This development can help South Africa to fight the drought. In the midst of a severe drought in South Africa, the schoolgirl of Virgin from Johannesburg have created a super absorbent polymer that can change the method of cultivation of agricultural crops.

The polymer is created from simple, readily available recycled materials — orange peel and peel an avocado. And it is able to store water in quantities hundreds of times greater than its own weight.

Development received the award for the Google Science Fair for the Middle East and Africa. Agricultural Union of South Africa is always forced to ask the government subsidies to survive droughts. And the invention Schoolgirls can help them solve their problems.

For example, the superabsorbent material can be used to create reservoirs with minimal costs. This water farmers can use for their crops.

Super-absorbent polymers are based on chains of sugar molecules polysaccharides. When Nirgin learned that orange peel 64% consists of a polysaccharide, and pectin, which is used as a gelling agent, it decided to develop its own polymer. The skin orange peel mixed with avocado, sun a chemical reaction takes place, turning the mixture with the polymer compound.

As the winner of the Google Science Fair Virgin was assigned a mentor, with whom she will develop your project. published


Source: hightech.fm/2016/08/11/supermaterial


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