They are thrown into the water about 100 million plastic balls ... The reason I discouraged!

People often complain about the weather, then to life. But we usually do not appreciate what we have. Weather conditions in most CIS countries is quite favorable. What else is needed? As they say, live and be happy life!

But take, for example, the inhabitants of America. Many regions of the United States are facing a global problem - drought - face to face. Residents of these areas believe waterless desertification real curse. But resourceful and resilient Americans found an ingenious solution to this problem. To help them come the usual black plastic balls. "With all these balls do?" - You ask. But when you see how it works, you will understand everything myself.

US citizens thrown into the reservoir size of 70 hectares in Sylmar, Los Angeles, about 100 million of black plastic balls to save the body of water by evaporation and prevent it dirt and chemicals.

Floating on the surface, these beads create a kind of armor, and thus protect the water from direct sunlight.

Each bead is nothing less than 36 cents.

The total amount of US treasury went bankrupt this time for about $ 36 million.

Before you is the largest pool strewn with plastic balls.

It should be noted that it is, in fact, the cheapest way to protect water. The Americans managed to save about 250 million dollars. B>

Look like it was alive. Hoo! That is the scale! B>

It is interesting to know that there is even a World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. This festival has established 30 January 1995 and 26 December 1996 the law on his celebration came into force. Many governments would be useful to reflect on how much damage the drought and desertification cause to the environment. And yet Share this article with your friends.

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