You do not come...

Well, it's not picked up somewhere, took, asked ridiculous questions, asked to run tests and said that you are not right. Are you stupid or abnormal. Not for you this work. Or school — it is not for your child. It's just that you initially did not want to take for some reason.

For example, your mom and dad do not agree on the amount of remuneration to the Director of the school. It's horrible, but it was forty years ago — French perfume was rejected, the Yugoslav and boots are not able to get it. Mom and dad were not removed from patients for the past boots. And dad often and was not boot — he's the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist.


In General, I was taken for an interview in an English school. Combed, dressed and moved — I went trustingly. To read and write skillfully, music studied, a normal developed child. And there are three aunts with such high hairstyles as Bok, asked me many questions I tried to find the answers.

Who I love more: mom or dad? As the lead in pencils? What the two ends, two rings, in the middle of the scissors? Why can't people fly? How much is the square root of four? What is the name of the main lady in my name?

I have all the questions answered, like the good soldier švejk by the Commission in the crazy house. He was recognized as an idiot, but I didn't get into an English school because I don't speak English. And I don't know what a Raven like a writing-Desk. Finally, I was asked to perform "signs" and a few push-UPS. To hint not only mental retardation but also in the physical.

When we left, dad vengeful he also said that he will set an appointment a lot of questions. We all will meet again! And mom just looked contemptuously — she could afford, she was beautiful. And we left.

Went across the road to a regular school did. And nothing bad happened. I still bought ice cream and patted on the head. And shook on a swing in the backyard, to alleviate pain and hurt — no hurt was not. All the better!

I just didn't want to take initially, so abused — it always happens. So don't be upset because of interviews or the results of psychological tests with the words: "delay", "hyperactive", "inconsiderate", and so on. You never know what women have in mind and why they do it write.

If you are bad or your child — there is nothing to do in this place. Neither to study nor to work there should not be. Even if you give them the boots and the shirt...

It is necessary to live and work with normal and kind people, with conventional. But if hurt and humiliated — buy ice cream and a child. And remember my story. published


Author: Anna Kiryanova





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