The two men - friends!

The two men - friends! 20 years ago a fisherman named Chito, found in the bushes wounded crocodile. Chito heart sank, and he decided to help the crocodile. He shoved it into his boat, brought home and took care of him while he was sick.
He called crocodile Rocho. "I stood on the side Rocho, at the time when he was sick, I was sleeping next to him at night. I asked wanted him to feel that somebody loved him, that not all people are bad. "" I love all animals, especially those who have suffered, "says Chito.
The day came when Rocho recovered, and the fisherman took him to the lake to let loose. Rocho swim a bit, went back home to Chito.
Rocho length of 5, 17 meters (17 feet).
Chito told this story, just to show people that we should not treat animals cruelly that even crocodiles can be treated with love and care.
"He's my friend, I do not want to treat him like a slave or use it" - says Chito. "I am happy because I saved him, and he is happy with me, because he has everything you need."


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