This house on wheels proves that comfort does not need a mansion

A family trip is always new emotions that will stay in your memory for a long time. But to abandon a home of comfort and comfort is obtained not at all. The guys from the Studio Rustic river have tried to solve this problem and built a house that can be transported anywhere.

The website encourages you to look outside and "go inside" of this stunning home.

No, it's not a small house, which is similar to a tent, and a full house, which could easily live with a family of 5 people.

Look at this elegant design. Wooden walls and cabinets will make you feel cozy and comfortable, wherever you go.

But despite the fact that the house is mostly made of wood, it has sturdy iron construction, which provides protection during transport. This means that your favourite Cup doesn't fall out of the closet when you go on a trip.

The smallest model is 15 meters long and 4 meters wide, also has two floors and several rooms. And the price — 30 000 $ for a full transportable cottage.

Looks like you will have to choose whether to go to the country or to the country come to you.

Source Rustic River, Facebook
Photo preview Rustic River,
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