Simple home procedure, after which a concealer will be needed!

Every woman dreams of velvety smooth, matte skin. But not all realize that the means to accomplish this goal is very close: just at hand!

Cereals real storehouse of nutrients. Vitamins B, PP, E, H, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and fluorine make this product one of the most effective means for skin care.

Washing with oatmealCleanser oatmeal is a versatile and almost the cheapest procedure to make your skin perfect! To do this, take a handful of oat flakes, hold them in your hand and turn under a stream of warm water for a minute. Next, start to gently massage the skin soaked flakes until they start to lather. Can also leave on the face for a while.

Procedure 3-in-1: replaces cleansing, scrub and mask! After a week you will notice results. Oatmeal detoxifies the skin, cleans pores, tightens and nourishes it with nutrients. Just don't forget to put a strainer in the sink to avoid clogged drain.

It is worth saying that skin care with cereals suitable for women of all ages and skin types: contraindications and side effects just yet! Many have already appreciated the oatmeal and replaced with this product your shopping money.

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