Clothes for home: comfort should be everywhere

To your home you feel as comfortable and cozy, just not enough to beat his trinkets or sit by the fireplace with a hot drink. You will also need comfortable clothing for the house that will not hamper movement, runs freely and at the same time will look stylish and fashionable.

Welcome to the online store «Textile» Textile. You can buy a cozy house clothes for men, women and children. A wide range of quality products and low prices - that's what we love to thousands of customers from all over Ukraine

. Already on sale are:

  • velor suits;
  • underwear;
  • pants / shorts / capris;
  • pajamas (male and female), nightgowns;
  • Mens kits;
  • homemade dresses and suits;
  • slippers;
  • T-shirts and T-shirts;
  • and other comfortable clothes

    Quality clothing of all sizes from global brands are already waiting for you!

    Benefits online store «Textile»
    Thousands of Ukrainians Why buy from us? Let's deal:

    1. Really cheap
    The Internet is always cheaper, and buy things here - even more so. Real retail outlets have to pay rent and utilities, and to cover these costs, they make huge margins on their goods. Shop Online «Textile» rid of these troubles and as a result, are much cheaper. Cheat is everywhere, but in some places it is less in others - more but «Textile» - it is generally minimal

    2.. Huge vyborChasto happens that the store we can not find clothes in size - it is simply not available. Then, to help us come online - there are things all sizes. Leaf through the catalog online store «Textile» - here precisely is what your taste and size


    3. Buying a couple of clicks
    In a real store of all we need to stand in the dressing room and then come up with a product to the checkout stand there and turn to pay. The output queues days can be incredibly long, and in the end time will be spent irretrievably. But why all this when there is an Internet-shop «Textile»? Just checkout process in a few clicks - and the goods already sent to you. For everything you spend no more than 30 seconds - pinpoint

    4!. Fast delivery to any city in Ukraine
    Some cities simply have no place to buy clothes for the house. Shop Online «Textile» allows everyone to buy it, no matter what city people may be. Fast delivery in any convenient way to not keep you waiting long. On average, 1-3 days is enough to purchased item to reach the city of the customer!

    Scroll through our catalog and order any favorite clothes!


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