24 things you need to do now is to meet old age without regrets

Youth - impulsive and full of bright moments go. If love is so good, and if the trip is on the edge of the world! But some doubts, hesitates and says that everything is still ahead. "I still sing, stations invite that girl or that guy smile, to visit India or to learn Spanish ..." But time does not slow down your progress. Yes there ... It just racing!

Team Website offers "do not think of seconds down" and share a list of great adventures that are worth a crank, without waiting for a wise old age.

1. Celebrate the dawn in an unusual place

This may be a Troll's Tongue in Norway, a small island in the ocean or the roof of the house in your town ... And do not forget to make a wish in the light of the gentle rays of the morning sun!

2. Take a trip

It is said that people do not spend money on things, and on the journey becomes something more. Indeed, even a small trip to a nearby town occasionally opens a new world. And how interesting pose other countries! By the way, in Australia at the same time you can do your best selfie with Quokka.

3. Take time for younger

In adults, the brothers and sisters are always a lot of things, but they will never regret the time spent with the younger. Very soon yesterday's kids grow up, and you will have a lot in common.

4. Kitesurfing in theory? .. Just practice!

Do you like playing the violin or hip-hop? Or maybe you've already delved into all articles skateboarding or kitesurfing? Perhaps it's time to move from theory to practice!

5. Defeat your phobia

It can be many years afraid of the dark, water, altitude ... And you can challenge your fears and become more strong and free.

6. Do not pass by those who have needs

Perhaps you are the good magician, who has long been someone somewhere waiting. And you can always start with a little magic - for example, food packs to the nearest shelter

7.. Realize your most incredible design

All out. Even your first step to the realization of the idea - it's a small victory

8.. Whatever the situation, find the time to study

Exams are always close suddenly. Do not refer to the time, everyday chores, or obsession ... Whenever possible, read the synopsis.

9. Compete to achieve more

The spirit of competition helps us to improve in every area, whether it be cooking, construction, design, cinema or archaeological excavations. Do not stop there!

10. Use this opportunity to learn from a master

Experience can be obtained by making mistakes. But you can significantly reduce the number, if you find a wise teacher.

11. Jerk the entire company at a carnival

Cheerful mess, vivid emotions and enchanting images. This is not to be missed!

12. Fulfill your childhood dream

Ah, childhood dreams! There are no limits. We fantasize and see themselves in a variety of images, try on courageous profession. So what's stopping you to go to the end?

13. Dance through the puddles in a strange city!

Enjoy your youth and sincere feelings. Rejoice in the sun, wind, rain. Be in the end, the last romantic!

14. Find the courage to be yourself

We often hear the phrase "it's okay", "so it is accepted" ... But if it is a manifestation of creativity and talent, all these "fences" to anything. You are the one who you are. And it would be great if the world hears your song.

15. Fight for your love!

Relationships are built not only on the happy moments. "Obstacle" of love may appear at the beginning of the novel, and after a while, for example, one year. And that it will be a test for you (and if you want - adventure), which will test your strength a couple

16.. Do not be afraid to get dirty, making our planet cleaner

She's one of us. Our home, our beautiful planet Earth. Let us take care of it!

17. Throw at least one bad habit

None of us are perfect. But among the many bad habits, there exist, which is to say "goodbye" ... Or rather -

18 "goodbye.". Express your creativity

Decorate monotonous routine with his presence! Let at work, at home and outside your creative approach opens up new horizons. And regular walk can turn into a whole view.

19. Get together with your friends around the campfire. And no gadget!

Discussions on social networks, conferences online, talking with a friend on Skype ... Technology - it's wonderful. But you never forget the peace of the evening spent with family around the campfire.

20. Talk to her grandmother

You are mistaken if you think that your beloved granny has reached perfection only in pies. Our grandmothers have a lot of secrets. And a conversation with them on the souls can sometimes give more than the expensive training.

21. Look for natural phenomena, not only in the Internet

Even if your laptop screen is ultra-modern, while the living room is available plasma supernova, it could never compare with wildlife. Become a member of what is happening. Feel the smell of the wind and feel the wave of bird wings.

22. Drop conventions and writes on dance lesson

Who says that your height, weight or moving manner preventing you do salsa, or break-dance? There are no restrictions! Just dance heart, and everything will change.

23. Do not be afraid of responsibility

There are decisions that only you can make. Taking responsibility for one's life, we become older, wiser, and happier ....

24. Remember, you open a whole world!

Fate tends to have experience, but also generous and joyful moments. After all, youth is so beautiful, and all the roads in the world opened in front of you! Do not forget about it. It will take years, and those wonderful moments will remain forever in your heart!

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