20 insanely beautiful pictures ever changeable sky over our heads

Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Society of photographers on the recently announced list of finalists for the best picture, the atmospheric phenomena. On these delightful photos - our ever-fickle sky: something terrible, something soft, then ice, then infused with the warmth of ... Website happy to share with the reader a selection of incredibly beautiful pictures of the sky 2016

. Polar stratospheric clouds

Photo source: Mixstuff.ruMorozny fog and frost

Lightning Sprite

Collision storms

Lightning flurry

«UFO" over the Caucasus

Hitting the oil tanker Guanabara

Tumen river

downpour with hail - photos from the observatory Jodrell Bank

Snow rainbow


sun in a halo

Evening storm over Mono lake (California) 85,478,327

Cloud, wrap the top of the Matterhorn

Power elements

Cloud tunnel

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Storm and rainbow over the sea


via mixstuff.ru/archives/111968


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