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I learned to draw a field off the edges, replace the words, reduce the font for the second, ripping a notebook, draw from scratch, light beacon, gypsum nedoshity even on the edges of the bodice. I learned to share you, to betray themselves, hiding in airplanes complex drawings. Do not managed to divide themselves, betray you, I'm corny rhyme, but heck, that's life .... We're obuyutili shelters ... learn to love words, do not read them aloud, answering nod, press indicative of whiskey, not to dive to the bottom, except for praise from everyday marengovyh weave multicolored spikelets. Turn off the speaker in a remote mode, not to give strangers private addresses of the coordinate system, the lead does not gnaw, not sharpen knives, not to look for reasons not to break the arcades, not to look back, just to be with you forty winters in a row ...


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