The aircraft Solar Impulse II, powered by solar energy, has completed a world tour!

The most famous aircraft, powered by solar panels, today crossed the mark of 40 000 kilometers, conducted in flight without the use of liquid fuels, and became the hero of the day.

Solar Impulse - an airplane, which serves as fuel for solar energy. More than 17 000 solar panels located on the wings of the device by supplying power to motors and charging the 4 onboard lithium batteries. The aircraft is designed in such a way as to fully energize the sun, and at the same time it can be in the air during both day and night.

Solar Impulse The journey began in March last year, and it took 505 days, with an average speed of the aircraft was approximately equal to the speed of the car. Today, he has overcome a mark of 40 000 kilometers driven as wrote in his Twitter account the pilot Andre Borshberg.

The device is capable of long-term stay in the air and powered by solar energy - a major step not only for the transport companies, but also for the world economy as a whole. Further development of technologies that make use of this environmentally friendly source of energy, one can turn the whole world.


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