9 tricks from the photographer, how to look perfect in the picture

We have become so accustomed to be photographed, that we can not imagine life without it. It is one thing to shoot yourself in the phone, and the other - to make a full photo shoot without the hundreds of filters that can be seen all the advantages and disadvantages of human

. Especially for the Website professional photographer Roman Zakharchenko shared tips to help look perfect on each shot.

Avoid the lower point of shooting

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Lower point shooting makes to the frame element of tension and adds weight. The best pose for the photographer - is at eye level. So you can avoid the effect of a massive or a double chin.

Also, do not remove the top point

Since your head will be larger, and the body is smaller. Although if you have to get mimimishnuyu picture in the style of a cat from "Shrek", then we can take the risk.

Find your "successful side"

Almost all people asymmetrical face. So decide for yourself which side of the person you like, and turns to the camera it is.

Retract cheek

If you want to remove the cheek, do not retract them. Just turn on the 3/4 and touch tongue to the palate.

Adjust squint 25,286,371

When you open your eyes wide and raises an eyebrow, it gives a person a surprised and a little frightened. Therefore slightly prischurte eye to make eyes look more convincing and attentive.

Do not look askance

This view looks menacing and makes the nose longer. The correct option - to look directly into the camera

Lift the chin

. For pictures in the lift profile the chin, turned to face more expressive. This trick will be longer than the neck and cheeks already.

Not pout

Do you want to depict a kiss? Do not overdo it with the facial expressions as a result you can get the classic "duck."

Smile naturally

Restrained, easy smile makes a person more enjoyable, while a broad smile only emphasize wrinkles

And remember:. Picture beauty depends on the skill of the photographer

Model: Anastasia Naumova

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