The residential complex, which will soon become part of Kiev

Each stage of the development of modern society in Ukraine and Kiev in particular, is characterized by changes in the home, leisure and work. Appropriate standards reflect similar trends in the sphere of housing construction.

New Trends acquisition
housing Previously, people in a conversation about a house near Kiev cheap interest - floor area and the materials of which built apartment today in the foreground are its location, transportation, quality, communications, social services and many other issues which are before, no one not think.
In general, there was a change of concepts organizing the construction of housing. The buyer wants to buy not only the square footage, but also comfortable living conditions. Therefore, the choice of the future place of residence is taken into account to a greater extent created or already existing infrastructure. In response to these requests, the developers now think over the planned construction of the organization and create a multi-functional complexes.

residential complex "Pioneer Quarter»
The concept of "residential complex" multi-faceted individual. For example, if we take in relation to the center of Kiev, the complex "Pioneer Quarter", created three kilometers from the capital, it is home is furnished in a design - an attractive style, combining the number of storeys and is in harmony with the architecture of the buildings of the past years. All the buildings are built on modern technologies and using quality materials.
Each building is equipped with heating, ventilation, fire extinguishing.
All projects are "high-rises" provide individual architectural performance of the house, the courtyard with children's playgrounds, jogging tracks, walking areas and overground car parks. These nuances, provide a soft embedding "Pioneer Quarter" in the surrounding countryside.
The presence of schools, cafes, room for a restaurant, kindergarten, pharmacy, sports complex, renovated studio, allow the buyer to not only see the attractive housing near Kiev cheap, but immediately evaluate - its location, transport infrastructure, the cost of square meters and the whole complex of buildings . That is all that is needed for a comfortable life near the center of the capital. In a place that will soon be called Kiev.


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