5 people that took to the grave with the greatest mysteries of history

Everyone has secrets, large and small. However, some people can boast of secret knowledge that can affect the fate of all mankind! It tells about people Website in this article. Unfortunately, despite the originality and relevance of their knowledge, they have not disclosed their secrets to the world.

Arne Beurling and the secret code T52 61,274,711

Wordpress.comPomimo notorious, though excellent in quality, Enigma, and there was a perfect model cipher machine, which was used by the Nazis for the top-secret messages. The name of this unit T52 or «Geheimschreiber», which means "secret clerk." This cipher machine Enigma was larger in size and much more complex in structure: the history, only one was able to solve the cipher her cipher, and his name - Arne Beurling

. In 1940, Sweden was actually between two fires - on the west-scale aggressive campaign carried out by Adolf Hitler, and in the east, Russia conducted military operations against Finland (Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940). it was necessary to keep abreast of current events in a difficult political situation in Sweden, which was carried out by intelligence.

The first time, all posts made by a T52, considered impossible to decrypt. However, the mathematics professor Arne Beurling took unravel the mysterious code. And a short time later, he not only learned how to decipher the message printed on the T52, it also solved its code. Since Sweden is actually "gained access" to the top-secret reports of the Nazis, but because the Swedes and the first one and, more importantly, to learn in advance about Hitler's plans, which included an attack on the USSR.

When Beurling was asked a question about how he managed to solve the code, he said, "A magician never reveals his secrets." In 1986, Arne Beurling died, and not telling anyone about his secret. After him, no cipher was not able to solve the code T52.

Maurice Ward and the formula of eternal plastic 17,587,737

Tested.comV the mid 80-ies of the last century English inventor Maurice Ward invented a heat resistant plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 10, 000 degrees Celsius, and blow, whose power exceeds the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 75 times. the inventor named this material «Starlite» and decided to sell his invention of the digging, which wants to use it to create something truly great. Of course, NASA was interested in buying this stuff, because thanks to its lightness and strength, «Starlite» could revolutionize the field of space flight and kosmostroeniya.

But, suspecting that many companies wish to use the invention without paying any compensation to the author, Ward refused to sell his formula of a successful project. Maurice Ward died in 2011, did not reveal the secret of heavy-duty material. He only said that the formula includes more than 20 organic polymers and copolymers, as well as a small amount of pottery.

Nikola Tesla and wireless electricity 55,998,619

Oldpicz.comImya Nikola Tesla familiar even to people far removed from physics: the great scientist is much ahead of his time. However, despite its popularity in the world of science and numerous inventions, he did not realize his own, perhaps the most ambitious project: free wireless electricity around the globe

. Ideas essence was to ensure to build a high tower (he called it Vordenklif, but to many it is known as "Tesla Tower"), which would use the Earth's ionosphere and directly our planet as electrical conductors that would make electricity available in anywhere in the world. In 1905, Tesla started experiments designed to prepare the project, but the crisis that hit the US soon after the start of experiments led to the fact that the highly expensive preparations were suspended.

Tesla died in 1943, effectively killing the secret of creating a wireless network with an electric, although he did not set such a goal. The fact that Tesla kept most of its settlements in the mind, and therefore kept a record pretty messy: a large part of his lecture notes is the skits and sketches, which are difficult to decipher

Johann Bessler and perpetual motion
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Blogspot.comV 1712 German inventor Johann Bessler said to have invented a perpetual motion machine. For 5 years he did some experiments and was able to convince the scientific elite of the time, they are aware something truly innovative.

The design was a wheel with a diameter of about two meters, able to lift a weight of several kilograms. The official synopsis states experiment 54 days, during which the device is operated without anyone's interference. were eminent mathematicians, scientists and philosophers among the witnesses of this experiment, and none of them did not understand the principle of operation of the device.

Bessler demanded 20 thousand pounds (about 100 thousand reichsthalers, if you convert the amount into the currency of the time) for the secret of his invention. Peter showed great interest in the invention and asked Gravezanda Wilhelm, professor of mathematics and astronomy at Leiden University, to advise him before the purchase of "perpetual motion." Johann Bessler decided that the secret of "perpetual motion" trying to steal, and immediately destroyed his invention. He died, did not solve the mystery of them gathered design, which, by the way, violated several existing laws of physics. Modern scientists are trying to decipher his writing or build "engine" again, but so far to no avail. So it is likely that yoga was just a very clever and somehow tricked scientists and witnesses of his experiment.

Edward Leedskalnin and move huge boulders

Wordpress.comEdvard Leedskalnin - Latvian immigrant who moved to the United States. He built the so-called Coral Castle in Florida. He was of medium height (about 1.6 m), and weighed about 50 kilograms, but so modest size does not prevent him from alone move boulders weighing up to 30 tonnes. However, he always worked alone. A few bystanders divergent versions: two teenagers claim to have seen how the huge stones were hovering in the air; others assure that noticed some equipment that resembles a wooden tripod and multiple ropes (but even this equipment does not look powerful enough to lift such a massive stone structures). It is said that Edward Leedskalnin enjoyed some little black box, which he called «stabilizing perpetual motion» (perpetual motion holder).

After his death in 1951 his Coral Castle has become a local landmark. Many tourists still come to see him. And that's what's interesting: when in 1986, 9-ton revolving door, which until then could turn and five year old, broken, or engineers, or scientists have not been able to fix it - had to call a crane to move it
Leedskalnin himself claimed to have uncovered the secret of the Egyptian Pyramids. It is a pity that he did not have time (or unwilling) to share it with humanity.

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