Fishing in Thailand

It is here, in Russia, catch the little things :). Here in Thai waters usual excellent fish Arapaima Gigas. Background on the "Fish": Arapaima Gigas (Peitsch) is the largest freshwater fish on the planet and lives mainly in reservoirs in the border of Peru. Sometimes, some instances exceed 6 meters in length and weighing more than 2 tons. Upon reaching 1, 5 meter size at Arapaim appears very bright, interesting coloring. The front half of the body - yellow -zelёnaya, and back - bright beetroot - red. Compatible with all major types of tropical fish, such as large stingrays, large paddlefish Som giant pangassiusov and so on. Adult specimens impressive look to the aquarium, large aquariums from 100 tons and warm home pools. Fish rare and few zoos in the world has it in their collections and exhibitions. View protected under SETES-and officially in Russia is only available in our hatchery. In the photo instance of weighing half a ton.



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