Floods in Thailand (10 photos)

When you live near a big river has a lot of advantages. Beautiful views, fishing, and one hundred percent guarantee that you will not die of thirst. Well, maybe you can still add here that the river can be HPP and without light you're not staying. Plus much, and minus one. But significant. If the winter snow in the region, or may go heavy rains, it floods you just do not avoid. Especially in those countries where it is not particularly worried about the strengthening of the banks.

Asia is one of them. As for the number of floods, and in no particular zeal authorities to counteract the elements. In the photos below you will see the flood in Thailand and its effects. Well even if a similar disaster warning in advance. And then imagine people coming to Thailand as a tourist, but here is ... the more that the threat to life is simply enormous.

Kids probably the easiest. They do not understand the complexity of the situation.

Statue of Reclining Buddha in Ayutthaya.

Severe monk in the same province. Oh, he understands all the deep depths.

Again the monks. Apparently a lot of them there.


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