Natural monument by UNESCO - Cape Stolbchaty

Cape Stolbchaty - a unique geological formation in the form of solid rock ledge, rising on the beach high vertical wall. Effusive volcanic rocks formed a narrow 4, 5 and 6 coal pillars, the so-called columnar separately. At the foot of the columnar walls are in disarray, like a sawed firewood, polished bars. Lined sea waves coastal platform creates the illusion of paved flooring and preserved from destruction single poles similar to the remains of the broken fence. Is a cape in the Kuriles, Kunashir Island.
It is surprising that such an ideal composition creates a random nature, it is impossible to believe that the columnar structure formed flocked here once upon a time lava flows, each column has a hexagonal cross-section. Unimaginable combination of beauty, grandeur and inspiration.


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