Advantages of electronic calculation in public transport

Electronic payment system in public transport - an innovative, modern, and most importantly - convenient form of cash payments for travel, which has many advantages over cash. Well-established in the community and all the usual kind of cash to the driver or controller thing of the past for several reasons. Firstly, the lack of inspectors in minibuses and other vehicles, seriously complicates the work of the driver, causing dangerous situations on the road. Secondly, the process of cash in terms of public transport is not convenient, and in some way dangerous, because there is a high risk of becoming a victim of pickpockets. Finally, there is no need to hire individuals for positions controllers.

How does this system?
The essence of e-payment system in public transport is very simple, at the entrance to set a special device which is called a validator. To make a payment you need to make a special card and with it, almost instantly, to be charged for passage in automatic mode. In addition, this device is equipped with and additional features, such as balance checking. Today is actively opening specialized offices, where each person will be able to add funds to the card when the balance comes to zero. In the future, a major development of this technology is planned to mate her with all current banking systems, including online payments, so that people have the opportunity to fill up the card directly at the computer.

Species cards

It should be noted that the card nai Almaty has several varieties, including:
  1. A single transport card;
  2. Map школьника;
  3. Студенческая;
  4. Социальная;
  5. Карта a veteran of World War II.
    You can see that each of these cards is aimed at the use of certain categories of citizens. For example, veterans, schoolchildren and students are not required to pay the full amount of the fare, so their accounts debited less money than a single. Such a system is not only convenient, but also can ensure the constitutional rights of individuals in full and without exception.


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