Vibrant Solitude: 7 secluded house for those who are tired from people

On Earth, all the more difficult to find a place where we could be alone and at least temporarily forget about the existence of other people. It is difficult - it does not mean it is impossible, and our selection of photos - direct proof

. Katskhi pillar near the town of Chiatura in Georgia.
59-year-old monk Maxim Kavtaradze 20 years he lived in the house at the top of the pillar. Twice a week, he climbs down the 40-meter ladder to pray together with his followers. His only visitors - young priests and monks who sought refuge in a monastery at the foot of the pillar


Little House on the Drina River near the town of Bajina Basta in Serbia.
Little House on the Drina River was built 45 years ago, but still firmly withstands all the tests, which he sends element: all these years, the wind and the floods were not afraid of him. The house was built by a group of swimmers who needed a place to relax on the river. House is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city Bajina Basta.

Stone house, or Casa do Penedo, in the mountains in the north of Portugal.
This unusual house, sandwiched between the four granite boulders, is located on the mountain at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level. Once the house belonged to the family, who come here on vacation, but later it was converted into a museum and has become a local tourist attraction.

The only house on the island Edlidaey in Iceland.
About 300 years ago on the island of Edlidaey lived five families who hunted puffins, were engaged in the cultivation of livestock and fishing. In the 1990s, the family left the island, and since then it is uninhabited. However, a few years ago on the island of the house was built, in which the stop hunters from the local associations that come to Edlidaey to hunt puffins. There were rumors that the Government of Iceland gave the island to the singer Bjork in gratitude for the honor, which she brought to the country, but they have not been confirmed.

"Mirror Cube" in Harads, Sweden.
Among the treetops at the hotel, offers its guests all kinds of wood houses, hidden invisible room "Mirror Cube". The room has a size of 4x4 meters, which can be reached by a 12-meter rope bridge, there is a queen-size bed. The nearest house is 500 meters from the "Mirror Cube».

Home HemLoft tree in the forest in Whistler, Canada.
This unusual house in the shape of an egg was illegally built geek Joel Allen in the forest on the mountain in Whistler. Joel spent a few months to find a suitable tree for the realization of the project.

The complex «Eagle's Nest» (Eagle's Nest Lodge) near the settlement of Aus in Namibia.
Eagle's Nest Lodge - a complex of houses, partially built of granite boulders, with stone floors and walls in the desert in a nature reserve in Namibia, which starts right at the threshold and extends to the horizon


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