16 cool ways to use the pallets, which we have no idea

recycling materials actively gaining popularity around the world, and concern for the environment is becoming a major trend in all areas of life. This friendly approach to our planet gives birth to great ideas for remaking old things in new and useful household items.

We are in the Website love to collect evidence that is stylish and eco-friendly interior can be created without the high cost. And 16 examples of what cool furniture does not have to buy - you can make your own hands

Home Theater 38,002,943

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This dream of every cinephile. Do this at home for this instruction.

Moonlight Cradle

Instructions for the creation of incredibly cute cradle here.

Stylish swing

Instructions for the creation of such a miracle can be found in this blog.

Khalabuda for children

Something tells us that adults will love this idea.

Organizer for garden accessories

With such a steep organizer everything you need it will be on hand.

Roll coffee table

Beautiful and functional coffee table can be drawn from this statement.

Compact dressing

This private dressing area this blog will delight any girl.

Suspended minibar

The perfect solution storage bottles and glasses for true connoisseurs.


See here how to make a piece of paradise for cozy get-togethers with friends.

bed in a "loft" style

This bed from pallets looks stylish and modern.

Vertical garden

The original idea for your garden here.

cozy corner for children

This cozy corner is a favorite place for your child.

Hook for outerwear

A simple idea for those who like unusual things.

Bright ottoman

This original ottoman will highlight any interior.

Bed for pet

Great idea pallet rework into a bed for your pet.

Sofa for the garden or the veranda

< br> A simple way to make a cool couch here.

Photos on the preview: 1001pallets / manditremayne

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