Stars Close-up: Here's Near Hollywood Beauties

Stars on the and stars to shine always and everywhere. Naturally, they want to maintain the myth of their idealism. There is no doubt that the publication of each - a painstaking preparation and the excellent work of stylists. Do not shun celebrity and retouch: why not use Photoshop, if possible

? But we know that all of this - tricks! That's what they look like in reality: wrinkles, enlarged pores, tones foundation, oily skin, and even rashes. In short, like all other people! Here are their real photos.

Monica Bellucci

Victoria Beckham

Jennifer Aniston


Kate Middleton

Kendall Jenner

Sarah Jessica Parker

Naomi Campbell

Charlize Theron


Miley Cyrus

Of course, this does not mean that we immediately decided to gloat. Just once again want to show that does not happen in the world nothing is perfect, and everything seems to be unattainable, and the absolute, depends only on what you have in mind.

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