The man digs a normal egg in the soil. The result - a real discovery for all gardeners!

Each grower decides, than to fertilize your plants
This trick used by experienced gardeners who know a lot about growing plants. Bury stale egg in the soil, you will get the most valuable fertilizer! The thing is that the rotting egg releases a substance useful for plants.

They stimulate the rapid growth of both the seeds and seedlings. For seedlings is better to use a small container and then land firmly established plants in the open ground.

How to fertilize pochvuTebe need
a box or a pot for plants rotten egg soil < seedlings or seeds

Choose a place to land. This can be a shade or partial shade for outdoor sunlight area, depending on the needs of the plant. Arrange containers for seedlings, and then put them in 1 egg and prisyp soil so as to completely cover the eggs.

After 5 days, can safely be placed in pots the seeds or seedlings. Of course, the smell is not pleasant, but rich harvest is worth it.

Also, many gardeners claim that plant nutrition good use of banana with egg.

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