10 Errors makeup that will make even the most beautiful Appearance Cheaper

Makeup was created in order to emphasize the advantages of appearance and to hide its flaws. All of this works fine, if the cosmetics applied to the face right colors used in makeup, do not cry that his bearer struck on the face of the entire contents of their cosmetic bags, and the image of the whole and harmonious. But many women admit a number of beauty-common mistakes that not only they do not paint, but even reduce the price.

Wrong color tone

Too dark or too light concealer to instantly make your face is absolutely unnatural and the result is "cheaper" the overall image. Dark tone will never be able to create a sense of sunburn, and will only make you look like a carrot, but too light - much older. Choose a foundation closely!

Brown blush

There is nothing worse than a proofreader or brown blush applied to the apples of the cheeks. It looks like you're an employee of the provincial dining. Remember - Apply only on the cheeks pink or peach blush and brown shade for sculpting only need - for example, it is applied under the cheekbones to make them visually sunken

. Nerastushevanny pencil

Tired eyes, "heavy" eyelids and feeling that you just do not know how to paint - that's what makes it a beauty-way nerastushevanny pencil. It is always necessary to shade in a light haze, avoiding distinct boundaries.

Layering carcasses

Eyelashes that fall down under the weight of several layers of mascara, do not look attractive. 2-3 strokes of the brush is enough to make the eyes look wide open and expressive. Do not turn your lashes in a pitiful semblance of overhead.

Dark smoky daytime

Girls with thickly painted eyes in the morning and look in the middle of the day, to put it mildly, strange. Why so zealous? Very dark smoky ice are good only for the party and dramatic way, and if you're just going to work - to limit the light shading shadow or pencil in the haze

. Thick light concealer

Nothing cheapens the image as white circles on the concealer under the eyes. This product is firmly established in our everyday life, but many women forget that the corrector is also necessary to select a skin color (and not necessarily it must be very bright!), And the need to apply a limited amount of funds.

Colored shadows with nacre

Yes, and it is still occur! We have nothing against the color, however bright shade, so even with mother of pearl, difficult to use - few who can create beautiful make-up with their participation. Especially ridiculous they look in the daytime, and even combined with everyday clothes. Do not be so!

Too hard konturing

Passion konturingom and sculpting has led to the fact that many of the girls, watching training videos and Instagram Kim Kardashian, turn your face into a kind of mask - painted cheeks and trying to make the nose visually thinner ... Alas, such a make-up looks good only on photos and in real life it looks vulgar.

Incredible arrow

Arrows - a classic make-up, it is an undeniable classic. But this can be said only of the arrows with neat thin graceful tail. Girls who draw arrows sweeping almost to the temples - in the trend does not fall ...

Dry skin

, The most important rule of makeup - the skin should look moist and healthy. To do this, you should always use a primer or cream, or on the face appear "rough" tone and powder will fall unevenly, and this, as you can guess, it looks very not cool.

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