Microsoft will buy LinkedIn for $ 26, 2 billion

June 13, Microsoft announced the purchase of LinkedIn business social network for $ 26, 2 billion. Jeff Weiner, the current CEO, will retain his post, and the Microsoft is not going to significantly change the acquired social network. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of this year, after which the most popular business social network will become the property of Microsoft.
According to Nadella, the Microsoft manager, the social network can be integrated into existing products Office 365.

Good or plohoDlya Microsoft - definitely good. In contrast to the same the Google, redmontsy not have to reinvent their social network, and have bought ready-made. A decent audience and PR have acquired a network already exists, it is very popular and almost has no direct competitors.
On the other hand, social networks - not for Micrsoft profile direction, which is not known for bringing to mind the fact that the purchases. For example, Skype, acquired redmondtsami in 2011, say, to get a second life under the guidance melkomyagkih. According to the statistics, a Skype confident inferior WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger (omit the details, as this product came in second place), the Chinese QQ Mobile and WeChat. LinkedIN Why should not conceive a similar fate?

Another interesting topic - is not the most friendly behavior of the current social network. It is worth mentioning at least Pin mass mailing-list address when registering or sync your contacts. I think many people are faced with weekly offers LinkedIN account on a social network, and to abandon the subscription is not so easy - you need to write in a support (at least it was a few months ago). Microsoft is not known for tact (take all the tiresome situation with Windows Update). Now you can invite not only by post but also by Xbox'u, phone, coffee maker, and a search engine.

AnalogiK Fortunately, there is. For example, Facebook has Facebook at Work. Less than a similar, but similar - indeed and Dice. However, none of these resources does not enjoy the same popularity which uses LinkedIN.

But, in fact, the reaction of the network:
I hope that from the $ 26 billion received for the sale of its shareholders linkedin pay compensation to all those who zadalbyvat his blunt pismami- Alexey Navalny (@navalny) June 13, 2016 - I would like to add you as a friend on LinkedIn ...
 - Only if you already have a new Windows 10- Evgeny Kozlov (@ekozlov) June 13, 2016 g.Korporatsiya Microsoft buys social network LinkedIn for business contacts. That is, LinkedIn will become even worse -?! DiZEL (@dizel_by) 13 June 2016 10 g.WINDOWS WOULD LIKE YOU TO ADD YOU TO ITS PROFESSIONAL NETWORK ON LINKEDIN- Ilagee (@Ilagee) June 13, 2016


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