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With the network every year there are more online stores selling children's clothing, but it is not in all of them you can find really quality products. "Yulyashka" - one of the few in the Ukraine, who can boast a large assortment and high quality of products sold. That is what attracts buyers, whose numbers are gradually increasing with each passing year.

main advantages of online store "Yulyashka»
Each of us is closely monitoring your baby and trying to create the most comfortable conditions for its successful development. Internet-shop "Yulyashka" gives the opportunity to buy quality clothes for your kids from world famous brands at reasonable prices. However, this is not the only advantage. In addition to children's clothes for sale online juliashka.com.ua you can find hats for adults. This range of products will surprise even the most demanding customers. Here every customer will find exactly exactly what you need to your baby. Sales always имеются:
  • шапки;
  • пинетки;
  • носки;
  • колготы.

Internet-shop "Yulyashka" regularly conducts sales, so every one of you has the opportunity to purchase goods at a very attractive price. And on sale you can find dozens of well-known brands products, some of which established direct delivery. With convenient filter you will be able to choose clothes for your baby at a certain time of the year. This will save significant time searching for matching items.

Shipping and payment

To make an order in the online store "Yulyashka" you have to choose a product for a total amount of not less than 500 hryvnia. As for delivery, it is carried out by transport companies such as:
New Mailbox; In-Time; Mist Express li. >
These transport companies due to well-developed logistics will deliver your package within a few days.

As for payment, there are several options. You can pay for the selected product at stake Privat or Promivestbanka or order it COD to the nearest branch of the New Mail. The main condition - prepayment in the amount of 100 hryvnia, or at least 10 percent of the total order.

Ordering in the amount of 3000 hryvnia, the delivery of the full amount paid online store "Yulyashka".


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