Effective home remedy for cleaning the pores of the 2 components. I am delighted!

In recent years, women of all ages has become popular to use sticky strips for pore cleansing on the nose. As is known, this useful piece helps to get rid of blackheads. Money for such stripes out a lot, when you consider that you need to use them on a regular basis for a positive effect.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved very simply. One of the most popular in the vast vizazhistok Michelle Phan Internet offers a wonderful idea household cleaners then Take into service and use of health!

Strip for cleaning porIngredienty
1 tbsp. l. gelatin 1 tbsp. l. Milk

Mix the milk and gelatin.

Put in a water bath or in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

Mix well. Then apply the mixture on the nose with a brush.

Wait until then, until the mixture is dry. Then peel off the tape.

More details can be viewed in the video.

The film is removed hard, but the effect is worth it. All the dirt from the pores shall be left therein.

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