If you wash your hair once: 7 ideas for hairstyles that will hide the oily hair.

Frankly, most messy hair can not be hidden in any way. But what if you do not have time to wash your hair, pressed for time, and ahead of - a working day?

«Website» to find the most stylish options pilings that hide stale hair for you.

How to mask messy hair
Scarf < /
The first thing you can think of in this case - original tie a headscarf. This accessory immediately divert attention to himself.

With the help of a variety of pins, pins, clips, you can easily construct a fantasy color styling.

Slightly nacheshi hair on top, securing the rim on the head. < Feminine styling in the style of boho ready!

A bunch
Beam - a real lifesaver for busy lady. There are many variants of the beam: high, low, tight, relaxed ... Choose to your taste! This hairstyle will be appropriate everywhere.

Braids and weaving
Scythe has not been canceled! Deft movements in minutes can turn into a personification of the very femininity. In this case, unwashed hair is a plus, because that hair will even hold better.

If the entire length of the hair look quite clean and greasy bangs, then do the side netting or take away her face.

Vintage style
retrostilya Lover can give free rein to their imagination. It will require some skills, but the result is gorgeous!

Shaping the hair to dirty hair, try not to use styling They only heavier strands. Come to the aid baby powder: a mound in the palm of a small quantity and distribute through hair. Thoroughly comb.

Share these tips with friends and stay beautiful with any unforeseen situation!


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