How to straighten hair without damaging them! 7 receptions for amazing smoothness.

The smooth shiny hair look stunning. But due to frequent hair straightening procedures severely injured, become brittle and lifeless. Following the advice of «Website» , you'll be able to realize his dream of a mirror-smooth hair, keeping them beautiful view for a long time.

How to straighten your hair
To Treat
The smoothness and shine directly dependent on care. After pushatsya and curly hair is from a lack of moisture. Use after each shampooing moisturizing conditioner A 2 times a week spoil hair mask for intensive nutrition.

protects against overheating
Of course, the high temperature is important for hair straightening. But strong and frequent overheating fraught with dry, brittle and thinning tresses. Purchase a hair dryer or hair iron with temperature control and ceramic coating. So you can prevent excessive overheating of the hair.

Do not leave wet hair
Always Getting straightening, first dry the hair. Straightening utjuzhkom raw strands risking stretch and damage the hair. Yes and curls back pretty soon.

High-quality tool for styling
For sale is a great variety of different sprays and foams to protect the outer layer of the hair from damage. Apply the product directly to the straightening procedure It additionally fix the styling.

erectile locks
Before you start straightening divide all the hair on the individual strands. Exciting and smoothes each of them separately, so the result will be much better.

Do not forget the umbrella
All manipulations with utjuzhkom come to naught if you go out, even under slightly drizzling rain without an umbrella. The effect of dandelion is guaranteed! Not too lazy to grab an umbrella, if the expected bad weather.

Keep your iron is clean
Thoroughly cleanse ironing plate after each use, preventing drying them paving funds. This ensures easy gliding through the hair at the next application.

Through these simple techniques, you will always have a perfect look and keep your hair's health!


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