The stunned 11 tricks for all occasions: help at the right time!

Our time is precious. Why not devote its really important things ?! Life is much broader than the everyday worries and gray days. To nasty little things no longer robbed of time, «Website» has prepared for you 11 useful tips for all occasions.

You do not have to get upset over nothing. These tricks unnoticed simplify our lives. You're sure to remember them at the event!

Tips for all occasions
You probably did not realize that the use of paper towels reduce bacteria on the skin for half. So your hands are really clean after washing. While dryer increases the number of bacteria by 250% (helped by warm air and moisture).

You all summer created ideal bronze tan ? To keep it in the winter, eat more dairy products and meat. This body will begin to produce melanin and tan on the skin will remain longer.

If you have to work late, but the forces have not, please use this technique. Hold your breath and then exhale slowly. Do this several times. The heart begins to beat faster, and you will feel immediately fresher.

For a long time you can not sleep? Try often to blink for three minutes. Eyes get tired and sleep will come soon.

If you lack inspiration, look at something green. This color promotes the emergence of creative ideas.

When a headache, try to take a lemon, cut it in half and rub the forehead. Most likely, the headache will pass.

When communicating with a person try to repeat his gestures. He unconsciously notice it and start to listen to you attentively.

Ended blade shaving , and the time to go to the store there? Sharpen the blade of an old denim.

Before you light a candle, and hold it in the refrigerator. So it will delight you with its light longer.

If you need a penlight batteries , but at home there is only minipalchikovaya - no problem! Insert the battery into the device, and the space between the contacts by filling foil balloon.

If you do not have my bottle openers, bottle can be opened with the paper. Just fold the sheets in multiple layers.

Who knows what kind of advice is useful to you today ... Maybe you know a few tricks. Share your experiences in the comments!


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