She added this tool in a pot of flowers. Thanks to a little trick was a miracle ...

Do you remember when your favorite vases bloomed last time as in a flower shop? After all, when you come to the store, simply dazzled by colorful inflorescences.

Secret luxury flowering houseplants is simple: every living thing wants to eat. You do not have to wait for the lush foliage and beautiful blooms, if your green one is on a diet!

Usually vitamin hunger strike leads to the fact that the plant is sick. To your flower suffered, you need to create a menu that includes not only water. Liquid food is absorbed by plants is much better.

Experienced gardeners recommend to feed them during budding castor oil .

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castor oil water

Fill liter bottle of supernatant water and add into it a teaspoon of castor oil. Close the lid tightly and shake well until a homogeneous mixture. oil should be broken into small fractions, so as not to burn the roots of the plant After shaking -. plant fields

. If your plant blooms once a year, then feed it is no longer necessary. If more often, watering castor oil should be every month.

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