The fastest way to grow parsley: first shoots in 3 hours!

< Punch - an essential ingredient in many traditional dishes, she adorns them enriches the flavor and aroma. This plant was known to the ancient Egyptians, who appreciated the healing properties of parsley.

"Growing in stone" - that is literally translated from the Latin name of the parsley. In fact, this plant is characterized by undemanding to soil and unpretentiousness: growing fresh herbs and happy to late autumn.

Grow-it grows, but those who at least once germinated from the seeds of parsley, note the long period of its germination. The thing is that the parsley seeds , as well as other plants of the family Umbelliferae (dill, carrots, celery), have a dense shell and contain a large amount of essential oils, which slow down the absorption of moisture.

How to sow parsley «Website» will tell you a secret, which the first shoots appear parsley in 3 hours !

heating a small amount of fresh milk to about 37 ° C. Soak the seeds of parsley in it 12 hours. intended for planting land wallow melkotertoy burnt lime , dig. Repeat the procedure, after which the ground fluff hand cultivator. The seeds are laid out on vellum, a bit dry, and then sow into prepared grooves. Fields water, being careful not to pour too much, and wait for germination!

To test the effectiveness of this method, you can first small batch of seeds to plant on the windowsill.

By the way, lime, only to have slaked (hydrated lime), it is helpful to make early spring, the soil at the site where it is supposed landing of tomatoes: it will prevent them infecting Phytophthora


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