Bridging the cleanliness in the bathroom for him was real torture, until he found out about this trick!

< Cleaning the toilet - not an easy and not very pleasant. Nevertheless, this should be done regularly. < «Website» shows you how to easily get the better of thousands of malicious microbes that eliminate odors, remove limescale, make all surfaces pristine brilliance.

How to clean the toilet
  1. to brew 1 cup of boiling water 3 bags black tea When the liquid has cooled, pour the container into the spray. The resulting tool perfectly cope with a touch and stains on the mirrors. Spray the tea leaves on the surface of a crumpled paper and erase its liquid mirrors sparkle with renewed vigor
  2. Mixing in the ratio of 1: 1. Vinegar and liquid soap, you get an effective tool to remove mold strong > in the shower and bath.
  3. Rubbing half a lemon surface mixers and cranes, and then wash the lemon juice with hot water, you can easily take away limescale.
especially resistant lime deposits in the mixers can be eliminated by wrapping them in a towel for 30 minutes, liberally soaked in vinegar. The cup for storing toothbrushes can become a real breeding ground for bacteria if you forget about it during regular cleanings. Do not be lazy every time to wash it with vinegar. To achieve a sterile cleanliness of the toilet, pour into an empty cistern 0, 5 liters of vinegar. Then spray the entire surface of the bowl with vinegar and leave for 15 minutes. Wipe with a sponge. For hard to reach places use a toothbrush. The real source of the stench in the toilet can be a stand their brush Do not forget to wash it periodically. To brush longer remained fresh, pour into a container, where it is stored, a little money to wash the toilet.

As these and other life hacking for cleaning the toilet work in practice, look at the video.

And most importantly, are cleaned on a regular basis, you will not put too much effort for cleaning surfaces from stubborn dirt and the accumulated plaque

. These life hacking created to share them!


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