That's why I stopped to wash in the shower! 12 unpardonable habits.

What could be better than a long hot shower in the morning, when the small water flows rapidly roll along the sleepy body, awakening every cell ...

Unfortunately, not all pleasant moments in life are good for our body. No, we do not say that the shower - it's bad. But prolonged showering with hot water negatively affects the condition of our skin.

Today we will share with you the most common errors during the showering
How to take a shower
You can not wash in the shower
Often we choose too high a temperature in the shower, which had a negative effect on the skin. Wash should be summer, and better and cold water.

Do not take a hot shower
Hot water activates the sebaceous glands, and washes away the protective layer of the skin. If you have problem skin, you risk to aggravate her condition. Choose a low temperature for this procedure.

Harmful to take a shower for too long
Prolonged stay under the shower strongly desiccate the skin. Try to be limited to 5-10 minutes.

Do not use perfumed soap
Often concentrated flavorings and other ingredients of these products are deprived of moisture and the skin desiccate it. Give preference to funds on the basis of natural soap.

Do not lather your whole body
Frequent soaping of hands and feet, usually has negative consequences in the form of dryness. These areas of the skin, do not emit large amounts of fat, so you should avoid exposing them once again into contact with soap.

negatively affects a large time gap between shower and skin moisture
Since the skin loses its precious moisture, try to make the gap of no more than 3 minutes.

unforgivable is to use old sponges
Sponge - perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Doctors insist on to reduce the use of health subject to 4 weeks.

It is unacceptable to wash my hair every day
Holders of thin, soft hair frequent washing should be avoided. Not more than 2 times a week! People with curly, heavy hair should wash your hair once in 7 days.

You can not use too much foaming agent
The more foam forms your favorite shower gel, the more it removes the protective fatty layer of skin.

Do not leave soap residue on the skin
Doctors dermatologists argue that it causes dryness, irritation, as well as violation of the upper layer of the skin.

It is forbidden to make a mask for deep cleansing after showering
Any tool that you apply after showering, absorbed much faster and get into the deeper layers of the skin. Making the mask immediately after a shower, you can easily cause irritation.

It is unacceptable rubbing a rough towel
Use a soft towel, so as not to injure the sensitive skin once again.

We wish you get from taking a shower a pleasure, relaxation and good! Do not forget to share with your friends by these practical advice, they will be grateful ...


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