Unidentified - circles in the snow in Yekaterinburg

Location appearance - Ekaterinburg, October area, a playground in the courtyard between the houses on the street. Zwilling, 53 and machines 42 / k2, the date of occurrence of the night from 06.11.2007 to 07.11.2007. The pattern on the first snow fell from the express center in the form of a circle with a diameter of 40-50 cm apart right ring radial thickness of the ring shape and spacing as follows about the same and approximately 10-15 cm and a diameter of only a pattern - 30-40 m.
Comments not professional, "Circles were made using any radiation emanating from or under the ground, or from the air, exactly, I can say that the circles were made not by mechanical means." Village: The neighborhood is "Plant of Radio" Forest Park with a park of culture and rest. Mayakovsky and the Iset River.
"War of the Worlds" all read / watched :)? Perhaps this label ...


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