20 dogs, who can not wait for the child's birth

Dogs are very fond of children and very attached to them. Pets from our collections are very interested in what was growing in the mistress in the stomach, when, finally, the baby will be, and whether it will immediately begin to play with it? And they just can not help but look! < Website publishes a selection of photos of the most charming dog, very much waiting for the child birth.

I think I can hear his heart beating!

Had a girl, oh please , if there had been a girl!

Hello! I'm waiting here!

I do not know who it was, but I love it already!

you let me play with it, but this?

I think he's hungry . In fact, I tozhe.

I already feel the smell! 98,200,939

Maybe so everything goes faster ...

Are you sure you have not swallowed a watermelon?

I hope he will share with me vkusnyatinkoy under the dining table!

So, like everything is in order, and a few weeks he will be with us!

I will cherish tebya

left just a month and 80,848,142

... I can not hear you! 40,077,245

As soon as it appears, will run play ulitse

If this boy, I'll call him "Woof", and if a girl - "bow-wow"

I can not wait to meet

Or maybe he decided to stay there
Children and dogs - it is remarkable

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