10 human quotations for which the star - a profession

I woke up, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, and went on an unforgettable journey across the expanses of the galaxy. Sounds intriguing, right? And it is on such Scheduled lives Neil deGrasse Tyson - the famous American astrophysicist and science popularizer. Every day, watching the stars, Neal is convinced: our life steeper any science fiction movie, we just forgot about it. And to think, we just need to change the camera angle.

< Website has prepared for you a selection of the most brilliant, funny sayings and original scholar. Draw inspiration and do not forget to look at the sky more often!

1. I look at the night sky and know that we are part of the universe, we are in it. But perhaps more important than these two facts that the universe is in us. When I think about it, I raise my head. Many people feel small because of the fact that the universe is so big. But I feel great because the atoms of which I am a member, were once part of the star.

2. Our molecules emerged from the star, which once exploded and scattered throughout the galaxy. Take a look at the universe through the eyes of the participants of this event, and you can feel like a huge, not tiny grains of sand in space. Any astrophysicist, staring into space, feels great.

3. Recognize that the same molecules that your body is built, the atoms that constitute these molecules emerged in the melting pot, which was once the nucleus of heavy stars. These stars splashed its rich variety of elements in the interior of the space of the galaxy, and enriched the primordial cloud of interplanetary gas chemistry of life. So we are all connected to each other biologically, with the Earth - chemically, and with the rest of the universe - at the atomic level. It's cool, I'd say!

4. Children - this is not a problem. They are born scientists. The problem is - it's always adults. They are killing children's curiosity. Exceeds the number of children. Voice. resources to dispose of. That is why in his public work, I focused primarily on them.

5. If there was life on Venus, we probably would have called her "Venus" - as well as people from Mars we call the "Martians". However, according to the rules of Latin grammar, "associated with Venus" - a "venereal." Unfortunately, physicians have found that word before astronomers. You can not blame them for it. Sexually transmitted diseases have appeared long before astronomy, which itself is only the second oldest profession.

6. Newton discovered the laws of optics, the laws of gravity, the general laws of motion, invented differential and integral calculus, discovered that white light - a combination of all the others, and then ... he was 26.

7. If people one day become extinct because of some disaster, it would be the greatest tragedy in the history of life in the universe. Not because we are not smart enough to protect themselves, but because we did not foresee its end. The dominant species, which will replace us at the post-apocalyptic world, will only have to guess, looking at our skeletons in museums of natural history, why brainy Homo sapiens succeeded no more than prehistoric dinosaurs with chicken brains.

8. In order to solve once and for all: first it was the egg. Only it is not set aside the chicken and other poultry.

9. If you claim to speak the truth, first make sure that it is not just the opinion that you are desperately trying to pass off as a per se.

< 10. Science is telling the truth, no matter whether you believe in it or not.

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