15 coolest films from the program of the Cannes festival


annually in the small resort town of Cannes, in France, the most prestigious film festival is held, which is attended by an unusual and bright films. Such films will appeal to all fans of the original and non-standard plot. In the meantime, the 69th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, Website publishes a selection of the best films of the last 5 years.


In the XXI century, scientists discovered a planet Melancholia, which is coming to the earth at an incredible rate. At this time, a young girl, Justine marries a beautiful and respectable man, but in the triumph she gets depressed. Gradually, with the approach of the planet, her sister Claire literally going crazy and does not want to put up with what is happening, while Justine finds peace and spiritual harmony.


George and Anne have lived a lifetime together in perfect harmony and learned to understand each other without words. But now it eighty. Anna ill, and every day it gets worse. Their daughter Eva insists to give his mother in a nursing home, but George categorically against it. These visits are a real challenge for the family, whose life seems to be leaked in harmony and love ...

Saint Laurent. Style - I

This is a story about the life of the young and well-known fashion designer, who is experiencing heady success and despair. And only such a refined director Bertrand Bonello, managed to not only tell the story of a unique fashion designer, but also to create a portrait of the era with its dialogues exorbitant entertainment and skill at all costs to live each moment of life is beautiful.

Great beauty

Apathetic and disillusioned 65-year-old Dzhep Gambardella works in a fashion magazine and frequents fashionable parties and lavish weddings. His entourage - the stars, aristocrats, politicians and other cream of Roman society. Picture of a large and indifference of Rome, a sinking in the merriment, not leads to the main character is nothing but boredom, but still Dzhep trying to find a source of inspiration to behold the fragile

Robbery casino
«great beauty."
During the underground poker committed a robbery, and the threat hanging over the entire community of thieves. Mafia bigwigs hope that Jackie Cogan finds guilty. However, rotating among the indecisive customers, thieves, usurers, tired of murderers and those who planned deal, even for an expert it is difficult to maintain control of the situation ...


Young people live in a big city and leads a double life: by day he was mechanic and driver at night, which helps criminals escape from the police. But one day everything changes. Now, to stay alive and save his charming neighbor, he must do what it does best - skillfully evade pursuit ...

Wild stories

This is the story of ordinary people who are not experiencing the best moments in my life. Seasoned resentment and unpunished crimes caused a wave of indignation and make movie characters to resort to revenge. An unusual film, after watching that you want to ask yourself: 'How would I have acted in the same situation? »


Despite the great advances in the world of sports, Mark Schultz is still in the shadow of his older brother and wants to become a better fighter. One day, he receives an invitation from John Dumont, who wants to withdraw American athletes to the next level, and Mark agrees. All would be good, if not paranoid DuPont started a dangerous game with his brothers, which can turn into a tragedy.


The teacher lives a lonely life, all the while fighting for custody of his son. His life is gradually getting better, when he finds love and gets good news from his son, but his new life is about to be brutally destroyed innocent lie. Strong drama with the oppressive atmosphere and the open ending in which everyone will think: is this the end


? Hollywood, 1927. Silent film star George Valentine does not want to hear about the microphones on the set. A hopelessly in love with Valentine showgirl Peppy Miller is rapidly gaining popularity in the new sound cinema. But only love can help the heroes to find happiness.

Irrational people

A philosophy professor Abe Lucas devastated: he sees in his life no joy, no sense. In the summer he comes to teach at a small college, and there he tied relationships with two different women. One imagines that he will be able to rescue her from the unhappy marriage, and the other becomes his best friend. But everything changes when Abe accidentally overhears the conversation and decides to act completely irrationally.

Two days, one night

Directed by the Dardenne brothers have raised a very interesting and topical issue today - unemployment and contraction. The heroine of the film going to be fired, because it is a weak link in the team. To avoid this, she decides to persuade a majority of colleagues to abandon the annual award. But this would be not so easy.


After separating from his wife, David arrives in a special hotel, where for a short period of time he needs to find a matching pair, or it will turn into any animal. David, for example, wants to become a lobster - because he lives a long time, has blue blood, like an aristocrat. But time is running out, and David did not come nearer to their goal.

Inside Lewin Davis

New York. The end of the '50s. Lewin Davis, a talented singer and guitarist from Queens, barely interrupted between performances in clubs and rare recordings on the radio. Without a home and money, entangled in love, almost lost contact with his family, he wanders through life in search of themselves.

LeviafanAvtoslesar Nikolay Sergeev lives with his second wife Lily and their son from his first marriage in the small northern town on the beach . Unclean into the hands of the mayor of the city is trying to seize his house and land for their own needs. After two lost ships Nicholas appealed for help to his old friend Dmitry, successful city attorney. But the arrival of a guest from Moscow complicates things.

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