22 brilliant question and answer, which could only give children

Children's sincerity and spontaneity sometimes elevate mood for the whole day, and from their statements for a long time could not write another great collection.

< Website gathered statements from some delightful conversations with children who anyone will impress

  • Sister makes biology:.
    - What animals are nocturnal
    ? - Googling
    . - No, I do not know google

    • Ivan (6 years):
      . - And you show me the ruins of the Soviet Union, and there are already removed all

      • I'm telling Fede (3, 5 years):
        ? - Fed, and you'll soon uncle
        . Seeing the lack of understanding in the eyes of a child, explain:
        - In Roma (the oldest child) soon to be born daughter, and you will become an uncle. Will Uncle Fedor.
        Child with utter horror in her eyes:
        - I am now going to live with a cat and a dog in the village ?! ? One

        • A small child:
          - Mom, I want a day swab
          Birthday! Mom:
          - Do you know what it is
          ? Child:
          - No, but on television say that if you have a tampon, then you can go to the beach every day, cycling, running and generally do whatever you like, and no one will notice.

          • Under the window something crashed loudly, and immediately flew joyfully shout:
            - Mom, Mom, I'm alive
            ! - And you're happy about Che something ?! - Indignantly said a woman's voice

            • Wife dragged children from "McDonalds" Happy Meal.. There Ingres Berds toys. A son (3 years old) is very fond of them. Not opening the box, looking admiringly at the colorful pictures drawn on it, with indifference to its content. Wife:
              - A kiss
              ? Son, without looking at his mother, tenderly kisses the box.

              • We argue with his wife. My daughter (11 years old) provides:
                - Dad, rejoice that you have such a wife. And you, mother, rejoice that you have such a husband. And that would leave you marry an alcoholic

                • -. Dima, why do you want a little sister was born in your
                  ? Dima (4 years 2 months):
                  - Then at least someone in our house to be obedient ...

                  • A child looking at our wedding album:
                    - And from "married" to go back, you can

                    • to cook dinner, the husband in the kitchen, my little boy say:
                      ? - Go, Dad feed the
                      . I ran back in a second. I ask:
                      - What dad does not feed
                      ? A kid me:
                      - Mom, he can not, he feeds

                      • I say three-year son:
                        . - Beware of the socket kus
                        ! A six-year daughter adds:
                        - A scientifically - a potential difference
                        . And why I did so early taught to read?

                        • Max Kirych rolls on a typewriter in the house. Max pissed.
                          - Mom, give urgent rag gasoline leak

                          • Eugene (4 years):
                            ! - Mom, can I take a walk out of here and dotudova
                            ? - In the Russian language there are no words, "out of here" and "dotudova"
                            . - A Dokudovo there

                            • The little sister in the garden, he saw a butterfly, asked her mother:
                              ? - Mom, this is who
                              - Butterfly
                              . - And where dedochka

                              • Son (7 years), taking a bath, I hear - shouting:?
                                - Mom, bring me shampoo
                                . - I gave you shampoo
                                . - It says "for dry hair", as I have already wet

                                • Mike enters the kitchen that kind starved hussar:
                                  ! - Dad! Pour me some tea!
                                  - What should be added son
                                  ? - Sugar

                                  • Egorka (3, 5 years) staying with grandparents. Taking it home, I ask:
                                    - You do not want to eat? I feed you grandfather?
                                    - I do not want. My grandfather fed do not know what, but I'm very good food.

                                    • Niece this year has gone to 1 class.
                                      - Milanochka that you at school like most
                                      ? - Mashed potatoes with a cutlet

                                      • Alina (3 years 9 months) evening:
                                        . - Mom, do not want to go to kindergarten. Want better in school or work, - dreamily: - And best of all married !!!

                                        • Ales (3 years):
                                          - Mom, Sonia does not want to go to visit me
                                          . - What are you inviting her
                                          ? Confusedly:
                                          - No ...
                                          Pause. Suddenly - a wild roar and sobs:
                                          - I forgot

                                          • Son (4 years) sitting at the table, eats and thinks:
                                            ! - I'll be good to eat, and I will have a big ass
                                            ! - Why did she so
                                            ? ! - To the toilet did not fall

                                            • He asked his nephew:
                                              - How old is your dad
                                              ? -. Six
                                              - How are the six
                                              ? - Well, he became Pope, only when I was born

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