12 Fans, who managed his ohomutat Hollywood Idols

Inaccessibility of Hollywood stars - one of the most important rules of the industry. Throughout the actors, actresses, directors, producers, accompanied by guards, they rest in private clubs, flying charters and holds a closed meeting in the VIP-lodges of restaurants. It would seem, to get close to this bastion is not easy, but before true love nothing can stand. Do not be surprised that sometimes the main Hollywood beauties marry simple waitresses or hairdresser - is full of such examples, as he tried to protect the security of its customers. Together with the portal Film.ru we remembered just a few examples of what princes and princesses are not so inaccessible - maybe you and your still waiting

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon ?

Sibi Blazic and Christian Bale

The former model Sibi Blazic until 2000 could be considered like a failure - acting career has not worked, and its highest pinnacle in Hollywood was the position of personal assistant to Winona Ryder. However, it is the opportunity to be among the stars and began to Sibi happy lottery ticket - in the corridors of the studio she met her idol, Christian Bale, and, more importantly, he was able to "fall in love" in it himself. Now, no one actor award is not without thanking his wife, after marriage turned-producer.

Alice Kim Nicolas Cage

The stormy personal life of a young Nicolas Cage few overshadows his third marriage to Alice Kim, but in the context of our theme, the forerunner of his very curious. After six years of marriage with Patricia Arquette and a hundred days of marriage to Lisa Marie Presley Cage lacking simple nickname which binding relationship, and the actor began to notice in the company of the girls are not very "heavy" behavior. The culmination of the fall was a visit to Nick Korean nightclub in Los Angeles, where the client "was attached" girl-waitress to fulfill any of its whims. Cage "get" Alice Kim, who could not hide his admiration for the actor. Nicholas, in turn, was disarmed by the beauty of the new acquaintance, and the couple began dating. In 2005, Kim Cage gave birth to a son.

Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts

His early career Julia Roberts tabloids romantically involved almost every screen of her partner and any more or less prominent man in Hollywood from Kiefer Sutherland to Liam Neeson. In fact, Julia was not too eager for stars - her first husband was a modest musician, and the second - even more invisible operator. Daniel Moder met with Roberts at the site of "Mexican" and is all the actress married off to Brad Pitt, she prefers to spend time with someone who appreciates it more than myself. The second marriage of Julia issued in 2002, now she is a happy mother of three children.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta ​​b>

Joint life actor Kelly Preston and John Travolta as "correct" and "sterile" that the paparazzi and tabloids reporters have long ceased to closely monitor this pair. Indeed, since 1991, when Preston and Travolta married about this relationship nothing to tell. Whether business earlier this year. As you are such a story told itself Kelly: "The first time I saw John on the poster" Grease "in the neighboring movie theater, and immediately fell in love. The film finally dispelled all doubts - I went after the session and declared all that marry Travolta. I was only about 16, and no one took my words seriously. " And it turned out well!

Titoun Jackie and Adam Sandler

Jackie Titoun during his school years, has become a model, and to 23 years in the number of her employers were listed already the most influential brands of clothes and linen. But she wanted more, it attracted Hollywood, and in 1999 Jackie starred in the first movie - Rob Schneider in a cameo role in a certain Sally "Men on call". Down and Out trouble started - Schneider Titoun acquainted with his friend Adam Sadler, who admired Jackie since the days of "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore." It so happened that Adam liked Jackie - in 2003, the couple issued a marriage, but their cooperation is not confined to the house, Titoun plays in almost all films Sandler


Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon

The highly successful agent to find young talents Jim He knows his job - he tries to discover the pearls in a pile of mediocrity, and then waiting for them to express themselves in due measure. That's what happened to his personal life - that old spotted Reese Witherspoon, but could not say to her about his feelings, the actress was married to Ryan Phillippe. When the marriage fell apart Reese, Jim was close and held the star to pieces. One year later, the pair became husband and wife, and another one and a half years later, Jim and Reese had a baby. He worked with Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey, is now responsible for the new little star.

Kate Walsh and Kelsey Grammer

What do a former British footballer and his daughter-stewardess long cold English evening? Of course, drinking his tea and watching television. It has long been a family favorite TV shows were Welsh series "Merry Company" and "Frazier" with the actor Kelsey Grammer. Grammer is particularly fond of Kate Walsh, so much so that she followed a TV star in America, there waited for the collapse of the third marriage of the actor with the «Playboy» and former model, had no qualms age difference of 25 years, took Kelsey in turnover. the actor's wedding with his dedicated fan took place in 2011, at that time, Kate was already pregnant with child Grammer. That's feelings!

Jillian Fink and Patrick Dempsey

The first marriage of actor Patrick Dempsey could not cause rumors - the bride groom was older than 27 years (and it's not even half). Dempsey married the mother of his best friend, actor Corey Parker. How long such a Brag could not exist, the couple parted ways, but just vacated Dempsey immediately fell into new networks - it has eyes employee Jill beauty salon, tidies her hair actor. In 1999, Jill and Patrick were married - instead of having to pay for a haircut once a month, the actor began to give his personal barber all my money. Alas, Dempsey and Fink relationship ended in 2015.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Of course, Katie Holmes is somewhat out of the total number of hairdressers and waitresses, but, according to her former classmate, married Katie and Tom Cruise was predetermined - a big fan of the famous actor was difficult to find. Thus, a certain Angela Domshot said that with Holmes attended a Catholic school and saw the 16-year-old Katie not only hid the photos of Tom Cruise in textbooks, giving the actor for his uncle, but also regularly prayed for his health. Dream girl to become his wife Cruz come true, but the happiness was short-lived, in 2012, the couple broke up.

Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway

Jewelry designer Adam Shulman can afford a small hobby - to try himself in the acting craft in their spare time. Greater success in Hollywood, Adam is not earned, except for this introduction and then marriage to Anne Hathaway. For the first time the pair met at a noisy party, where Anne and Adam invited general shortstop. It turned out that Hathaway and Shulman connected not only friends, but also a closer look at life. In 2012 the lovers were married, and just couple of months ago Anne pleased with the first-born spouse.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Finally, we have laid a few untypical story - for those who chase the prince was not used, and is waiting when they visit themselves perhaps. In a pair of Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and the famous musician and artist, leader of the group «Coldplay» Chris Martin is hardly accept. We tend to think of the popularity of poznachimee Paltrow, but it is in our case is a fan of Martin. The long-standing fan of the songs «Coldplay» once used the links and entered the stage of the band, where he met with Chris. Two Star quickly found a common language, which is woven into eleven-year love story. Alas, Gwyneth and Chris parted ways in April 2015. Even princes and princesses case of divorce.

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