12.05. If a Christian does not go to church, then the church will come to a Christian

I would like to applaud the stand of the General Synod of the Anglican Church. Dropping a tear over the schedule sorrowful speakers believers, they still made a breynstormy and entered the market with a new package of proposals. With the above-mentioned dynamics there full guard on the brink of apocalypse - former parishioners grow old and not so quickly rush to worship, or even dying of, because no one is eternal. And with the new as something not very composed. For ten years the number of residents who consider themselves Christians, with a fairly affluent 72% decreased to 59%. Naturally, yelling "fire" like it is reasonable not, but the trend for the Fathers of the Church frightening. The congregation is melting before our eyes, that way a couple of decades and no one will graze.
I think so, marketers have the Anglicans even quite competitive. Poraskinuv bogoposlushnymi brains, they were given a package of initiatives. Like how, when, convenience stores want to bite off more customers, then arrange all sorts zamanuhi with delicious buns.
We started with, Shaw suggested means to pray in a chat room, for what purpose and created the position of a web-priest. Synod said: "Oh!", But the rescue team said: "Sha. That's not all. Web priest is a woman. " Well, you know. There are options to maximize the noise is not so much a lot Schaub was: free afroanglichanina at that time was not, well, gay priest to such a position once it is very cheeky.

Approved Alison Leslie. Approved online community. For statistics - so do a full openwork in chocolate icing. Praying in public chat from all over the world, and on paper - of the diocese of Oxford. Cool? And then! Another way for the Lord, then there. Fiber.
But if you think Shaw is all that much wrong. Here it is important to not only Schaub you said "yes", and Schaub and you talked about everywhere and more. And it is not so important, it sho told. So they are, I'll tell you, inform occasions issue very regularly.
Well, so navskidochku: this Statement Emma Percy (another priestess) authoritatively stated Shaw to the Lord must be handled in the feminine gender, and if someone does not agree, it is lo * racism, gender chauvinism and disrespect for the fairer sex. "We - he says - all in the image. So let them women - their own, at men - his God. " And yet started work on feminized liturgies.
Wants more interesting facts? Easily. The advanced version of the baptism of children. Yeah Windows 10 for the followers of new trends. Removed bug uncomfortable - to renounce the Devil, to repent and worship Christ for concrete and daddies, mummies newly baptized are no longer required. Instead, streamlined question: "Do you deny that evil? As well as all of its forms? And all his empty promises? »
... I do not know, Mauger, of course, will pull further "plus fifty 'years, but chёyto I remembered a quote from" Striptease "Michael Gorodinskii that smartly Khazanov read:" In vain you try, my friend ... "


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