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Hold on a missed sweep of palm,
Do not think about the output, not to renounce.
Listen - I sat on the windowsill
mad bird, whose voice is tender,
whose feathers as the morning over the sea Siza,
whose sky almost random choice.
Sleep - and bird Night proximity
you tired, seasick,
and will dream of snow and grass,
and inverted lunar crescent,
and you're in a dream dobredёsh the truth -
terribly delicate as a bird's heart.
You're lulled, unarmed -
Now is not the time to fight with him.
One person nobody wants,
but you are not alone, if there's a bird,
whose voice is tender and Siza feathers,
and you are passing and ownership,
Incurable hypocrisy,
one bed and one space -
for the two of you without the other, and other,
without fear of being take no call.
You guards today
night mad bird, whose feathers Siza,
whose voice is gentle, melodious and gentle,
whose choice is heavy - for many to remember.
Forget tomorrow. Do not deny him.
Stay as you can, for a wave of his hand.


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