American Children Try Overseas Food and comment on them

A fun experiment conducted Watch Cut project: gathered in one room 8 American students and gave them a try national dishes of different countries. See how the children reacted to the soup, fish stew and other unusual food, which is very different from the food to which they are accustomed.

< Borsch

That's how all of us were served the familiar soup. Sour cream, pickles, sauerkraut ...

The first thing that drew the attention of the children - the smell of sauerkraut


And some auxiliary ingredients.

In general, the soup did not make a good impression on the students.

Braised rabbit

Braised rabbit with rice from Spain caused a more violent reaction.

Some reacted to the rabbit at all unfriendly.

Whole fish

And this dish from China - fish cooked whole


Like the dishes presented above, the approval of the Chinese fish did not wait.

But some of its parts ...

But this conclusion did not come all.

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