The Americans are trying for the first time our food

Some dishes of our cuisine to foreigners may seem very specific or even completely tasteless. Let's try to understand what they think about some of our dishes amerikantsy.Seledka under shuboy

"It smells not so bad, but it looks like what the hell ..." The top of our New Year's salad seemed like the Americans on their favorite cabbage and carrot salad, Cole Slaw. But then they tasted and started spitting. "My God, how disgusting! That's because in the Russian space fly, do they have forced astronauts is something under a pink mayonnaise? "Oh, American friends, you do not understand the value of space" coat ". Do you still "Mimosa" our no predlozhil.Varenaya kolbasa

They call it Bolognese. And do not worry, the smell is quite bolognese. However, it notes that the color of sausages like the color zombies in "The Walking Dead" and taste ... they do not feel it. I will not reveal to them the secret that we ourselves affectionately call a doctor, "toilet paper" .Solenye pomidory

Too many spices - say panelists. Although garlic marinade they liked. And some even liked tomatoes, even wanted to drink anything alcoholic. Yes, my friends, you are on the right track, pickled tomatoes invented precisely to accompany something in Russian krepkogo.Holodets

"Meat ... smells delicious ... But ... why ?? Why do they do it with meat ??? ยป
So questions. Like what? To get gorchichku, horseradish ... to whom I tell you something, and so you know why people jelly!
By the way, these meals are included in the traditional menus and in Serbia and Romania, and Austria, and Georgia ... So often it is necessary to get out into the world this degustatoram.Salo

But they like bacon! Can you imagine? First, they do not feel the taste, and then try and nod. And they say that the fat - that's nothing. Let it cool, odorless and terribly hard, but better fat than brawn.
Our wonderful food they think is amazing! Still, after so many glutamate and other flavor enhancers and uvkusniteley without which America does not dish meal. He, poor man, normal food never seems tasty. It's like after the air freshener smell the wildflowers ... fade.


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