Scientists: homework harmful to children!

And that same torment hours, sleepless nights and the tears shed by the river - all in vain .. The idea that homework is not without schooling, so ingrained in our consciousness that even most adults it is difficult to cast question their value. What are the facts? Is it necessary to torment the little first-graders? It turns out that the students of primary schools, engaging in class easier to learn stuff and get better grades. And additional tasks at home - it's a bunch of precious time that we take away from our children. < To children in elementary school "Domashka" do not need - this is what studies show. I agree with this, and the University of Arizona instructor Etta Krelovek. Even in high school homework given minimal effect.

High school students homework is still beneficial, but here you need to know when to stop. For example, students who spend a repetition of 1, 5 hours of time, performance is better than that of those who spend 4 hours. Fantastic!

Do not rush to think that this is the results of poorly constructed observation. Cooper conducted 120 investigations in 1989 and 60 in 2006, and could not find a convincing and demonstrable advantages homework. But it turned out that they have a negative effect on the ratio of children to school.

That's what bothers. < A child just starting out in school, he deserves a chance to develop a love of learning. Instead homework sets against the school and science in general. Already in kindergarten children are faced with the upcoming 11 years' hard labor, "which is stable hatred for learning.

Thousands of families are struggling with the homework every night. Parents pressured and persuaded. Burnt children protesting and shouting. Instead, to support each other at the end of a hard day, too many are caught up in the cycle of "You" homework "done?ยป

Children need adult assistance. But getting her accustomed to rely on parents, who play the role of "patrolman". And this, in addition to the constant conflict and grumbling, undermining one of the main goals of homework - Responsibility

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