That's why the planes leave in the sky white trail

Even children know that if you see a white stripe, then a plane flying in the sky. But have you ever thought about why it is formed and what it consists of?

< Website found the answer in the book of civil aviation pilot Patrick Smith, "says the captain. Questions, answers and observations of an experienced pilot. »

« Condensation trail formed when the dry air at high altitude wet exhaust of a jet engine is converted into ice crystals. This is similar to how the obtained cloud of steam from our breath on a cold day. We can say that the condensation trail - this cloud

. Water vapor - a by-product of combustion in a jet engine (there, in fact, taken the humidity). Formation of condensation trails depends on the height and composition of the surrounding atmosphere -. Mainly on the temperature and vapor pressure »

Thus, it turns out that this track - sort of a long cloud that eventually dissipates and becomes part of cirrus clouds.



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