10 elegant images of this spring with a light touch of audacity

Right now, when at last it can be removed in the closet warm clothing, so you want to add a vibrant appeal in his image. Play with colors, textures and shapes. In short, make your little fashion revolution!
We are in the Website virtual visited many famous fashion events and ready to show you what it is, an ideal and versatile way this spring.

1. Tenderness cashmere cashmere coat will never lose its relevance. But this season, it simply can not appear in your wardrobe with a variety of hats, sexy boots, walking shoes and coarse strict pants. Designers believe that the originality and ease you give any color of pastel palette. But in pink, blue and turquoise coat you really enchanting.

2. A modern classic: raincoat, jeans / trousers and pumps / shoes When the spring is fully seated in its own right, it's time to strict and elegant coats. In the first place today, the long cloaks delicate shades. Straight lines and bohemian carelessness - these are the main reasons that you can follow
. Coats may be worn with pants, jeans, shoes, boats.

3. Denim Everything is simple but tasteful. In your arsenal can be absolutely anything you wear, as long as from the jeans. Diluting this style is best shirts made of light translucent fabrics, shirts, boots and keel. You can add spice in the style of "sex, drugs and rock and roll" with the screaming stripes, so fashionable today.

4. New hippie If you want to express a special spirit of his inner freedom, then the image of a hippie just for you. Its formula is as follows: jeans (bottoms, boiled, straight cut), intricate prints, fringe, knitting and flashy accessories


5. Grunge and punk At the height of daring and rocker 90, but with elements of an elegant and a bit strict classical: a lot of leather, jeans with a high waist, T-shirts with prints, T-shirts into the cell and artificial fur


6. Ease of chiffon and silk Another element of the wardrobe, capable emphasize your exquisite beauty - this blouse from flowing fabrics. Silk blouse with a decor or embroidery can be worn to a business meeting and family dinner. In fashion blouses with ruffles and long belts. You can combine them with a classic cut trousers, skirts or jeans with fringe. Very relevant V-neck.

7. Stratification and textures game designers believe that the multi-layered textures and diversity will allow you to use a variety of things from the wardrobe and play with variations. Lush ballet tutu skirts, things with big logos and prints, a combination of sport and classics. Experiments and again experiments. This is a fashionable slogan in 2016!

8. In the middle sportswear Sportswear, which is in the everyday wardrobe of all, it continues to evolve. Only now it has become more minimalist and custom. You may want to look for special things in the stores more "exotic" equipment, such as fencing or motorsports. Combine such clothes can be any classical things.

9. Riot of colors and crisp lines this spring gives us a juicy mix of colors. Large color bars, cell, floral prints, metallic and sequins enticing rustle ... This kit is able to inspire any woman to explore her wardrobe - and suddenly something right there lying around? Female half Website already mentally collects his audacious / feminine / romantic and a fantastic outfit. And what will you do tomorrow?

10. Leather jacket and maxi dress Create a playful feminine image will help you spring dress made of lightweight textile. It must surely be long, and as for the color, then welcomed all monotonous, but with the vivid detail. A touch of common rebellion will give you a leather jacket, which, perhaps, will never descend from the pedestal of fashion.

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