15 of our things that do not understand the alien

Foreigners coming to Russia, they know what awaits them many amazing things. But often they do even more astonishing discoveries than expected. And we are talking about is quite commonplace for objects and customs of the Russians, who look very strange in the eyes of foreign tourists.

< Website has collected 15 things that are very difficult to understand the alien, and some only remains to accept as there.

  • Hidden turnstiles in the subway
    Pretty brutal mechanism, which not only did not miss a rabbit in the subway, but punish him an unexpected blow to the most delicate places. On the new stations installed more modern turnstiles visible, but the old turnikety- "bouncers" many more where you can meet.
  • Zelenka
    Western doctors have learned to distinguish our children from all the others on the mysterious green spots on the body.
  • Crouch on the track
    Russians sit down for a moment before a long road. What for? Yes, then, that it is in this moment, when all the talk subside, caring house nashepchet his last instructions, give advice, read the farewell. And who is this house? Oh, it's hard to explain to foreigners.
  • Enjoy Your Bath!
    Russians congratulate each other after visiting the baths, saying "Enjoy Your Bath!" Perhaps, steam is "heavy", and after him from the bath will not be returned.
  • packages Storage
    In no one throws bags Russia. And then collect them in a separate package.
  • Doors that open inward
    Among the foreigners is a legend, if such a door set to the KGB was more convenient to them to break out. This, of course, nonsense, in fact, everything is easier. Where the night a couple of meters of snow piles, very quickly understand how to hang doors, if going to get out of the house before the arrival of spring.
  • Russian cereals
    They say, this dish you need to get used to a child, or an adult, for the first time trying to buckwheat, will feel the bitterness and the chemical taste. In the West, of course, you can find buckwheat, but solely on layouts "biological" food:. In small bags, neprozharennoe, green and everything worthless
  • Activated Carbon
    Coal is used as an absorbent in the world, but in the West pharmacists do not risk so speak directly nepuganye population that should be swallowed pieces of minerals. There coal cloaked in a pleasant white and pink tabletochki kapsulki. As for us -. A harsh and ugly truth
  • Birch sap
    Think about it: the juice that is extracted directly from the tree. Incredible exotic that makes the alien shock, stupor and awe.
  • Brine
    Another strategically important liquid, which, for some unknown reasons not yet have adopted foreigners. Why we still do not export this magic?
  • Coasters
    Previously, holders were distributed around the world to protect pricey and fragile glasses. Over time, the glasses have ceased to be such a value, and a cup holder forgotten. But not in our trains. Shakes after all! And what a journey on a train without a hot tea?
  • The Old New Year
    Amazing holiday that you can not just go and explain to a foreigner. We'll have to make an excursion into history, to talk about changing the calendar, then a change of power, the difference between the Christmas and New Year. No, better to be limited by the fact that our people just love the holidays. Cheerful three weeks in a row in the middle of winter - our tradition! What is not clear?
  • stove
    "Stove" - ​​one of those words, to understand the meaning of which is possible only if you live in Russia, and in the countryside and in winter, when outside - minus 30, and a stove - the only thing that prevents the thermometer in your home down to the same temperature. In classical Russian oven can cook and even sleep.
  • In close quarters, but not mad
    In Russia, there is no tradition of sending the aged parents in the nursing home, and thrust out the children after the age of majority. All live in the same apartment.
  • Russian design
    And one always surprises foreigners carpets in apartments hung on the wall

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    via www.vestikavkaza.ru/pvk/kulytura/chto-shokiruet-inostrantsev-v-rossii


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