Fire in Pushkin

Returning to the DR my friend, on Pushkin Square, I saw a huge cloud of smoke that obscured almost half the sky. I do not know that I pulled ... there may be in the pocket camera, and can the existing experience of shooting fire. In any case, I hurried back to where it was a lot of smoke ... to my arrival there already were several fire engines and a huge crowd of onlookers. Bunch of firefighters doused with water hoses on all sides of the blazing building. It turned out it was an unfinished building luxury housing, at least so I'm told the cops. The building was completely plastered with scaffolding, which were heated and Nars crash down on firefighters. Damn I pulled pass some zakaulkom and direct access to one of the fire brigades ... The police, in principle, no one is allowed, and it is clear ... In general, I slipped and took a few pictures. See ... Uploaded by Alex


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